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2015 AppleWichita Officers

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President & WebMaster
Cheryl Flaming

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Vice President
Bruce Lutz

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Jeff Reisman

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2nd Vice President
Steve Waltner

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Kim Swisher

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Roger Kasten

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Membership in AppleWichita costs $20/year for single and $35/year for family. Dues may be paid by cash or check, payable to AppleWichita. Please pay dues to the current Treasurer.

Benefits of membership include:
  1. Talk shop with other Apple users each and every month.
  2. The opportunity to ask nearly unlimited questions of expert Apple users and other members
  3. Taking advantage of the hardware & software installation skills of multiple group members who each have over 30-years of experience with Apple products
  4. The opportunity to participate in special interest classes each quarter. Topics may include things such as Apple IOS Basics, Apple OSX Basics, Networking, Web Design, Image Retouching, and much more.
  5. Watching interesting hardware and software demonstrations
  6. The opportunity to request presentations of specific software and hardware peripherals.
  7. The opportunity to learn from certain group members what has taken place, and still goes on, inside high tech computer firms including Apple.
  8. The opportunity each year to win a new computer and fun software